Why SMART Goals Lead To Mediocrity and Mundanity

I spent a long time thinking that goals should be SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound). It made sense to me. I was running a team of 30+ in the corporate world and I needed to motivate my team. Setting unrealistic goals would demotivate and lead to higher staff turnover (expensive and […]

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Business Interruption Contingency Planning

What To Do Before The Solids Hit The Fan Every business, and more importantly every business owner, has times in their life when the personal has to take priority over the business in a major way.  It may be a really positive thing like getting married or the arrival of a new baby.  More often than […]

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Is Technology Killing Time Management?

Is Technology Killing Time Management? Apps There’s an app for that!  I’ve recently been exploring new options for time management tools.  It’s quite amazing the number of apps, programs or extensions (if you use Google chrome) available.  There are many wonderful time tracking devices that can block unproductive websites, report how many days, hours, minutes, […]

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