Business Advice

Action Versus Strategy

Action Versus Strategy One of my favourite comments by an old family friend is that “Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.” The same applies to business strategy without the action. When you are on the front lines of small business you are so involved in so busy in the […]

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Selling Design To Bigger Companies

SELLING DESIGN TO BIGGER COMPANIES When you run a  small  firm,  working with big or bigger companies appears very attractive. But selling design to bigger companies is NOT the same as selling to small owner managed ones. We often think of big businesses as being organized, cash rich, having great systems, a strong design aesthetic […]

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Is Technology Killing Time Management?

Is Technology Killing Time Management? Apps There’s an app for that!  I’ve recently been exploring new options for time management tools.  It’s quite amazing the number of apps, programs or extensions (if you use Google chrome) available.  There are many wonderful time tracking devices that can block unproductive websites, report how many days, hours, minutes, […]

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