Business Consulting Services for Design Professionals

As a smart hard-working entrepreneur you will no doubt have recognized areas in your business where you need external expertise to overcome specific obstacles.  As businesses grow, they outgrow their business skills.  This isn’t something to hide away but to accept and address.  Like a gawky teenager with overlarge feet and acne outgrowing their clothes, a growing business outgrows its systems and in-house expertise.  (Hopefully, without needing 14 hours of sleep every day and an attitude like a hungry honey badger.)

This is where we can help you with targeted consulting services.  We offer consulting in three niche areas for creative firms:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Development

  • Financial Management and Analysis


Before we go any further we need to identify the problems you are facing, determine if we have a good fit and consider the scope of the engagement.  Will it require an on-site visit?  What is the quality of the management information currently available?  How big is your business and what are your provisional goals?


The benefits of having a strategic plan are undeniable.  This is not a business plan used to raise money from investors and lenders, but an action plan to move your business forward in a structured, easy to communicate and measurable way.

Who benefits most? Businesses looking to expand but not sure how or where to focus, those that have plateaued but want to keep on growing and those in transition that have gained or lost business partners or key staff profit from a clear strategy.

  • Working with you we will undertake an in-depth analysis of your business including core competency and profitability analysis;
  • We will facilitate a visioning process to clarify your long-term goals and vision for the business;
  • Working with you to create a positioning statement that focuses on your core competencies and most profitable areas of business or where necessary creating transitional plans  to reposition your firm;
  • Working with you we will develop a realistic implementation schedule identifying key milestones and responsibilities to make your strategic plan happen.

This strategic planning process can take place at your offices or online.  Often the facilitation process is better done in person, where your team can be involved, whilst the remainder can be done remotely.


For the strategic planning process to be most effective it’s important that you are able to invest your time and energy to work with us in creating your strategic plan, one in which you take pride and ownership and are committed to implementing.  Your investment with us starts at $6000* and is dependent on the size of your firm, the quality of the management information available and your ability to commit your time and energy.

(*Excludes expenses for any on-site visits.)

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”
Donald Rumsfeld


If you want to grow top line revenue more quickly or sales have stagnated after a period of successful growth a business development review may be just what you need.  Small improvements across your business development and sales processes multiply to have big results.  Working with you we will:

  • Undertake a core competency and profitability analysis;
  • Define clear business development goals;
  • Evaluate current positioning and necessary repositioning to ensure goal alignment; develop and lead generation process to fit in with your goals and positioning;
  • Evaluate your current sales processes suggest recommendations to improve conversion rates from leads to sales;
  • Set realistic targets based on desired revenue growth and recourses available and
  • Create a review and feedback systems to ensure continued systematic improvements.


Your investment with us for business development consulting starts at $5000* and is dependent on the size of your firm, the quality of the management information available and your ability to commit your time and energy.

(*Excludes expenses for any on-site visits.)


However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Sir Winston Churchill

One of the biggest areas of weakness in almost every growing company is the lack of adequate management and financial information and knowledge to understand how best to use information to manage your business as it grows and as your role changes from hands-on manager to CEO of a larger team.

As a business owner and former CFO of one of the U.K.’s fastest growing businesses, Nick West is ideally suited to guide and educate you through the information jungle.  You will learn how to read and analyse an income statement, understand your balance sheet and how it impacts the day-to-day running of your business. We will look at what systems need to be set up to capture project profitability and costs and focus on the most profitable clients and types of work.

This is an ongoing engagement where we meet monthly to go through not just your most recent management information but also find ways of creating it less painfully and in a more meaningful format.

The most significant benefits are:

Improved cash flow;

Focusing on the most profitable activities and clients;

Streamlining the capture and processing of financial and non-financial data saving you time and money.


Your ongoing investment starts at $400 per month for firms of 8 employees or fewer.

*This service is focused on operational issues and is not a substitute for tax advice and tax reporting from your accountant or bookkeeper.

The growth of your business can start today with a simple phone call: 250-585-2657