Offering business advice, educational courses and consulting services to entrepreneurs and business owners helping them prepare to sell their business or raise external finance for future growth opportunities.

What We Do
  • Coaching

    Building your own business is not easy; it’s a labour of love.  You don’t have to do it on your own.  We specialize in working with owners and senior management, providing guidance, experience, accountability and support to help you shape a successful future.

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  • Consulting

    As a smart hard-working entrepreneur you will no doubt have recognized areas in your business where you need external expertise to overcome specific obstacles.  We help owners prepare to raise external finance for growth.  From business planning and strategy to financial modeling and valuations, we can guide, assist and review to ensure you have the best options available.

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  • Courses

    The Savvy Business Seller course is tailored to business owners wanting to prepare their business for sale, but not sure what is needed. This course will give you the knowledge to review your business as a buyer would (critically) and calculate valuation ranges, identify key areas for change, implement those changes, build a platform to promote your business favourably and recruit a professional selling team.

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From the Blog

How Much Is Your Business Worth

October 11, 2021 | Selling My Business, What's New

If you are planning on using the equity in your business to fund your retirement or your next adventure, you need to know the answer to ‘How much is your business worth?’ Are you like most owners of small private businesses (sales <$10 million/year) aiming to use the value locked up in your business to […]

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April 6, 2011 | Business Coaching

I was at my son’s school last night for a parent education evening.  It’s amazing what you learn at school!  Alexander goes to Montessori school which has a different approach to early childhood education.  Hence needing to have parent education nights. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori school system, believed that education wasn’t just […]

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Get Fit For Business

April 18, 2011 | Strategy

Get Fit For Business One of the most frustrating experiences as a business coach is to be called in to help failing businesses.  I often wish I had been called in a year earlier. A staggering 66% of micro businesses in Canada fail within 5 years.  Here are some of the symptoms of upcoming failure: […]

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Nick helped us take our business from a generalist, take-anyone-who-walks-in-the-door design shop to a targeted, niche-oriented company with a clear, multi-year plan for our business development and growth.”

Leif Miltenberger, Partner & Business Director, Hired Guns Creative

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Whether you’re an independent designer or an international marketing company, every business planning on moving forward needs a strategy. The growth of your business can start today with our one hour free consultation.

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