Business Coaching

Action Versus Strategy

Action Versus Strategy One of my favourite comments by an old family friend is that “Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.” The same applies to business strategy without the action. When you are on the front lines of small business you are so involved in so busy in the […]

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Qualifying Sales Prospects

Bant The Faint Scotsman Whilst Bant The Faint Scotsman may look like a typo and sound like a euphemism for preventing a wardrobe malfunction of a drunken Scotsman in a kilt, it is in fact three acronyms of tools to use for qualifying sales prospects as part of your business development process. You don’t want to […]

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Creative Thinking And Business Strategy

We all want our businesses to succeed, but how many of us actually use the tools at our disposal to plan for success? Right Brain Creative Thinking And Business Strategy Planning, in particular business plans are often seen as logical, linear and mathematical or singularly left brained activities.  However a successful business strategy has to be made […]

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