Creative Thinking And Business Strategy

We all want our businesses to succeed, but how many of us actually use the tools at our disposal to plan for success? Right Brain Creative Thinking And Business Strategy Planning, in particular business plans are often seen as logical, linear and mathematical or singularly left brained activities.  However a successful business strategy has to be made […]

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Succession Planning – How To Break It Gently

Succession Planning How To Break It Gently As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement, or in some cases has gone beyond  their ideal retirement age, so succession planning rears it’s ugly head. I say ugly, because succession planning within a family business is a potential minefield of hurt feelings, business and financial ruin, misplaced family […]

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I had the pleasure of talking to a local networking group about non-linear thinking.  I was talking about mind mapping and how it can be used to pull together diverse ideas or actions around a central concept.  What really surprised me was the feedback I got from a number of really experienced business people about […]

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