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Prestige Vision

Prestige Vision Business Consulting Case Study

“ I can recommend Nick as a person with great knowledge and deep experience of business solutions. He was fantastic to work with. Nick is a wise, creative and goal oriented coach.” ~Vincent Finetti

Formed in 2007 by yacht (boat) broker Vincent Finetti and programmer, Michael Hrustaliov, Virtual-Tours began as a small, local web design and real estate photography business producing 360° virtual tours for realtors to help them sell their inventory.  With his background as a yacht broker, Vincent Finetti realised that there was an opportunity to use the 360° technology and their experience to provide virtual tours to yacht brokers and manufacturers of super-yachts to help them sell more efficiently and quickly.

Virtual-Tours rebranded and changed their name to Prestige-Vision. A new international client base and the need to attend boat shows around the world (it was a tough life!)  led to a massive increase in activity leading to  Vincent as President (and only salesman) travelling over 200 days per year, working 12 to 14 hour days 6 days a week.  In addition production moved offshore to the Philippines where Michael took control of operations. He had started to build a strong team of programmers and photo editing professionals able to manage an increased number of projects.

In May 2011, with President Vincent Finetti getting married and looking forward to starting a family he realised a change was needed. Prestige Vision engaged Enable Business Consulting to help develop a strategy to reduce travel and hours, build a sales team and create procedures across the business.  They now have an international sales team, production offices and a mobile app development division as well as offices in New York, Manila, Belgrade and their headquarters in Nanaimo, BC.  In addition to creating marketing Apps and 360° tours for yachts Prestige-Vision has developed Private Jet and Luxury Hospitality divisions. Their clients now include Boeing, Gulfstream, Oyster Marine, Vicem Yachts and Lamborghini.

Their continued success has also enabled Prestige Vision to become involved with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation in the Philippines and fund micro loans around the world.

President: Vincent Finetti


Nick helped us take our business from a generalist, take-anyone-who-walks-in-the-door design shop to a targeted, niche-oriented company with a clear, multi-year plan for our business development and growth.”

Leif Miltenberger, Partner & Business Director, Hired Guns Creative

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