Savvy Business Seller - Exit Planning

Learn The Skills And Strategies You
Need To Create Your Business Exit Plan

Take The Stress Out Of Exit Planning For Your Business

This straightforward program will help take the stress out of getting ready to sell your business.

You Are Here With A Purpose

Maybe you have seen the 'less than happy' results from other local business owners of trying to sell their businesses and are thinking: "There must be a better way. But where do I start?"

You Wouldn't Start A Business Without A Plan.

Why Would You Try To Sell Without An Exit Plan?

If you are here reading this, you know you need a plan, but you're not sure how to go about creating a strong actionable one.

Whether you need to sell quickly or are thinking years ahead about your exit strategy one thing is for certain: 

 having an exit plan will significantly improve your experience and outcome when you do sell.  

I know from my involvement helping entrepreneurs, for over 30 years, sell and buy businesses, that a well planned exit strategy makes the difference between a successful sale and no sale. 

This is why I'd like you to join the Business Exit Strategy Program

How To Plan Your Business Exit Strategy
Here Is What You Get:


I will walk you through every step to ensure you get a workable Exit Plan


Our comprehensive checklist will focus your time and resources on what really counts.


With regular LIVE question and answer sessions we answer the questions about your business. 

Savvy Business Seller -Exit Planning

The Training

Eight engaging modules take you step by step through the process to complete your exit plan. All course materials, on demand course videos and templates are included.

Course Content

1. Desired Outcomes

Why are you selling AND what do you want or need from the deal.

Knowing what you want to achieve  and when is fundamental to setting a strategy. This module helps you define what you want from an exit. Think of it as the vision statement for your exit plan.

  • When
  • How Much
  • Transition Timeline

2. Exit Options

We explore what types of exits are possible and what are your best options.

Understand your exit options. Who you sell your business to makes a big difference in how you prepare for sale and how you get paid.

  • Family succession
  • Employee buy out
  • Partial sale
  • Sell outright

3. Set Your Timeline

What factors control your timeline to sell. The more time you have the better prepared you will be, but that is not always possible. 

Most of us have an ideal time scale for selling our business. However ill health, failed relationship (business and personal), market and the economy all affect what actually happens.

  • Ill health
  • Business/personal relations
  • Retirement
  • Needing money
  • Good market for sale

4. Business Valuation

What is your business realistically worth? What a buyer pays you is subjective BUT having an objective view helps set the benchmark for negotiation.

We will take an overview of how businesses are valued and look at optinons to get a more accurate assessment on yours.

  • Asset Value
  • Multiple of earnings
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Relative/Comparable value 

5. Realignment Of Expectatons

It's time to take a long hard look at your business to see what needs to change. Make sure timescale, needs and potential outcome align.

Having looked at what you want to happen in module 1 and module 2 compare this with your timeline and likely financial outcome; is there a gap? This is the time to look at options to change your business or modify your expectations.

  • Potential valuation too low
  • Timescale to be paid in full too long

6. Strategies To Maximize Value

Maximizing value on an existing business often requires significant changes over a number of years. You are looking for profit maximization.

We will examine the options available and how to integrate those into your daily business operations.

  • Optimize systems and processes
  • Maximize profitability and cash flow
  • Minimize tax on proceeds
  • Wealth preservation

7. Strategies To Increase Sellability

How sellable is your business?  Use the checklist to rate your business.

When competing for a limited number of buyers your business must stand out.

Which factors impact sellability and how can you plan to introduce those to fit in with our time scale and existing resources

  • Reliable cash flow
  • Economic resilience and longevity
  • Runs on autopilot
  • Strong management team
  • Owner Financing
  • Customer loyalty and brand strength

8. Finalise YOUR Exit Plan

It's time to pull everything together as a Plan of Action.

Now is the time to clearly set out your exit plan. Define what outcome you want and when. 

Set out where you are now based on estimated valuation and sellability rating.

Clearly define what changes you want to make and over what time period.


Downloadable Exit Plan Template

To make it simple for you there is a downloadable template. The Google Docs file can be downloaded and used in Docs or converted to MS Word format.


Registration opens on 27th February 2023 for the classes starting on 7 March 2023. The course is spread out over 3 weeks. Modules 1,2 and 3 are available immediately. Module 4 to 8 and the bonus are released over the following 2 weeks so as not to overload you all in one hit. Once all the content has been released you can come back to it again and again for a full 12 months to ensure you have a sound actionable Exit Plan. Access to the community also lasts a full 12 months for free.

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Introductory price of $147 USD. That is a massive saving of over 50% on our regular pricing.

We Support You On Your Journey

Live "Office Hours"

Need a question about your business answered? Nick will host regular live office hours to help you directly.  Send your questions in in advance or ask them on the live call. All calls will be recorded and made available if you can't be there live.

It's all online

We will release the training modules over a 4 week period on the student portal so you can complete your exit plan at your own speed. You will have access to all the course materials, streaming videos and downloadable templates for a full 12 months from your date of subscription.


Everyone enrolled in The Savvy Business Seller programs are automatically a member of our community. Here you can connect with like-minded fellow entrepreneurs as well as your coach. The community provides a space where you can share questions, tips, resources and get feedback in a secure environment. We encourage all community members to participate in a positive constructive way with Community rules on confidentiality, non-discrimination and above all helping everyone succeed.

Meet your coach

Nick West BSc, FCA
Partner, Enable Business Consulting

I've been working with entrepreneurs for over 30 years, helping them build businesses and then sell them. Originally I trained as an engineer to join the family business but when that was sold, I joined PricewaterhouseCoopers, in London (UK) one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the world. There I became a chartered accountant and specialised in strategic planning and business development. I moved to Canada and in 2008 started my own consulting firm to help smaller businesses grow, raise finance, buy other companies and sell to new owners. 

We wanted to make sure we could walk away from our business knowing our staff were empowered to take the reins (and able to take things off our plate in the meantime). Nick has made that possible.
Nick has been instrumental in helping us with the process. He holds us accountable, keeps us on track with our goals, and ensures all the checks and balances are in place. He has also made learning these processes attainable without overwhelming us. If we didn’t understand something, he would always take the time to explain it so we did. Selling your business is a huge challenge and Nick makes everything so much more approachable."

Karen HankinsKaren HankinsCo Owner Dean's Marine

“Nick inspired us to closer examine our goals and to set out a game plan to achieve them. Everyone thinks they can set their goals on their own, but you really can't beat having an experienced business consultant sit down with you and help you map out the path to success. I can't recommend Nick enough!”

Jason HareJason HarePure Chiropractic (Owner)

“Nick is an exceptional business strategist who is able to identify points of leverage to increase sales, reduce expenses and optimise existing resources. Any business looking for restructuring, whether a start-up or a mature business, will benefit exponentially from Nick's outstanding expertise, humour and collaboration skills as a business coach.”

Sandra BairdSandra BairdSmart Sisters Enterprises Inc