How To Prepare Your Business For Sale Like A Pro

  • Give Yourself Time - There Is a Lot To Do
  • Will Your Financials Stand Up To Outside Inspection?
  • Can You Make Yourself Redundant
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Will I Get Enough From The Sale?

  • Will the sale proceeds allow me to do what I plan? Travel, retire, put grandkids through college, pay off my mortgage.
  • Having a good idea of the businesses real value will help you prepare;
  • Two thirds of listed businesses do not sell. How can you avoid not selling;
  • Are professionals worth paying for?
  • How secure is future cash flow? Are my sales and marketing processes strong?
  • Can my business thrive without me?

Rock Solid Financial Accounts?

Your business will mostly be valued on the past 3-5 years Financial Statements. Will they stand up to professional scrutiny

You Have Systems and Processes?

Does everything run like clockwork, or do you have to micromanage every decision? A new buyer is looking for smooth processes. 

Proven Marketing and Sales Trackrecord

Your buying is paying for future profits. Are your sales and marketing strong. Do you have repeat customers

Prepare With Confidence

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