We are enthusiastic promoters of business education for creative individuals.  Wherever you are in your career, fresh out of college, a freelancer, starting your first design firm or preparing for a graceful exit we believe you should have access to quality information to make running your business easier.

Not everyone needs full-time coaching or specialised consulting so, we offer a variety of free and paid options.

Free options include webinars, both live and recorded and short training videos.  If you want to find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here to be kept in the loop.  If you have any specific business-related topics you would like us to include in future webinars you can reach us on our Facebook page Tweet us @nickenable #designbizwebinar.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest webinar training videos as they are uploaded.

Paid options include webinars and online workshop training events for small groups and an upcoming online subscription-based Business Boot Camp for startup firms are.  We will be looking for some guinea pigs to run through our Business Boot Camp in Summer 2015, if you are interested in being considered you can sign up here more information as it becomes available.